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10 Best Blenders For making smoothies with frozen fruit In 2021

Best Blender For making smoothies with frozen fruit
Best Blender For making smoothies with frozen fruit

Mixing machines are one of the essential appliances in any making smoothies with frozen fruit today. In addition to preparing delicious desserts, it also allows you to prepare soups, purees, creams and other dishes.You have come to the right place if you are considering buying a best blender for making smoothies with frozen fruit!

Blender are household appliances used to blend or blend food. Vegetables and fruits are generally crushed to make creams, soups, juices or the like. It is composed of a glass with sharp blades that is placed on a motor that drives the blades.

But, which is the best blender for making smoothies with frozen fruit? We have elaborated it trying to include articles as varied as possible, but choosing the cheap blender for making smoothies with frozen fruit in 2021, that presents a great value for money. that is why we have collected a list of the best blender for making smoothies with frozen fruit in 2021.and you can also check our selected list of the affordable blender for best blender for smoothies.

Best Blender For making smoothies with frozen fruit in 2021

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1.Best Blender For making smoothies with frozen fruit  – [Braun MQ 3035 Sauce]

Equipped with knives, the blade of which is made of stainless steel, they practically do not become blunt during operation, so you can grind products in such a device in a matter of seconds.

A mini chopper, a whisk and a measuring cup is supplied with the unit, and a special nozzle is also provided, the shape of which is designed in such a way as to prevent the product from splashing.

The model is versatile – you can cook a large number of different dishes in it.

The model is versatile – you can cook a large number of different dishes in it. It is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 700 W. It provides a high speed of rotation of the cutting elements.

This allows you to grind fruits, vegetables, prepare a variety of sauces, dressings, milkshakes and so on. The ergonomics of the handle are very carefully thought out – it is comfortable to hold in both large and small hands. It is additionally covered with rubberized materials, does not slip even from wet hands. The blender is very comfortable to use.

The manufacturer decided to significantly expand the grinding area. This made it possible to work with products much faster and with much less effort. Metal nozzle, made in the shape of a bell. There are two rubber buttons on the handle that are responsible for gear shifting.

The clutch of the motor part is made of metal, quite strong and durable. The maximum operating time without interruption is 2 minutes, after which the blender must be allowed to rest, otherwise the motor may overheat. Compared to similar devices, it works quite quietly.

  • Extended complete set;
  • Easy to understand and use;
  • Works a little hard with solid products;

2.Good Blender For making smoothies with frozen fruit  – [Bosch MSM 66110]

This blender is perfect for making pureed soups, various fruit cocktails and other similar products. It differs in insignificant power, does not make much noise during operation.

The set includes a submersible plastic bowl, knives are made of high-quality steel, coated with a titanium layer.

  • High build quality
  • The knives are made of reliable materials
  • All major parts are made of metal
  • Was not found.

3.Budget Blender For making smoothies with frozen fruit – [Bosch MSM 6B700]

This is one of the most reliable and powerful models.

This design will be useful for housewives who purchase a blender, and not multifunctional products that are equipped with a huge number of attachments.

It will act as a good addition to your food processor, especially if you have to take it out and assemble it regularly for a few minutes of work.

The blender has one speed, it also has a turbo mode. The immersion foot is made of hygienic stainless steel, which does not emit harmful substances in contact with food. The knives are equipped with four self-sharpening blades that can quickly grind or stir food.

The motor power is 600 W. Plastic handle, very comfortable to hold in hand, additionally equipped with a non-slip coating. In addition, the set includes a measuring cup.

  • Well-known manufacturer;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Suitable power for home conditions;
  • Having only one speed.

4.Cheap Blender For making smoothies with frozen fruit – [Philips HR2655 Viva Collection]

The blender looks quite solid and reliable. The body is made of glossy plastic, it also has metal inserts. There is a slight taper in the area of ​​the handle, and its shape is carefully thought out.

In the manufacture of this device, the original SpeedTouch technology was used, due to which the rotation speed of the moving elements is regulated by only one button.

Depending on the pressure on it – in this regard, the blender is somewhat reminiscent of an ordinary drill.Also on the case you can find an indicator of the rotation speed of the LED type, the wire is reliably protected from bends and breaks.

The elements are coupled to the shaft using two special stops, however, both the attachments and the stops themselves are made of plastic, although quite durable.

The fine cutting attachment is made in a traditional shape – at its domed end there is a pair of rather sharp knives. With its help, you can not only make mashed potatoes or smoothies, but also get an original puree soup.

The knives here are the most common, without titanium sputtering, so over time they will begin to dull. The chopping container is made in the form of a transparent plastic bowl, inside which there are two very sharp knives. It is only natural that there is also a mixer made of elastic wire.

  • Easy to use
  • Takes up a minimum of free space in the making smoothies with frozen fruit
  • Combines the functionality of other household appliances
  • Areas of attachment of nozzles are plastic – they can quickly fail.

5.Affordable Blender For making smoothies with frozen fruit  – [Kitfort KT-1363]

It looks very stylish thanks in large part to the streamlined body and pleasant dark gray color, which is quite practical, since dirt is practically invisible on it.

 The device is installed on three rubber suction cups, therefore, even with strong vibration, it will remain in place.

The engine cooling system is provided, so it can work for a long time without stopping.

In the upper part there is a slot for installing a glass with a depth of 5 cm.The plastic glass can be easily installed in any position, fixed in place by means of grooves. The knife block consists of four cutting edges and is fastened with a screw connection. A silicone seal is installed to protect against leaks.

  • Acceptable cost
  • Small overall dimensions
  • Attractive appearance
  • During operation, the start button will need to be held down all the time, which is not very convenient.

6.Recommended Blender For making smoothies with frozen fruit – [Moulinex DD655832]

It is quite comfortable to hold in the hand, despite the decent weight of the product. It does not slip even from wet palms thanks to the rubberized coating.

The main difference from most of the other models included in our review is the presence of ten speeds at once.

The switch is located at the very top, so you cannot hold the handle with one hand and work at speeds.

It crushes almost instantly, especially soft and medium-hard foods: in just a few seconds, you can get fruit or berry puree.

The product does not vibrate at all, despite the decent engine power. The immersion elements are made of titanium-coated stainless steel, so they will practically not become blunt during operation.

  • Not too expensive;
  • Quality materials and assembly
  • Slightly not very good location of the gearshift lever

7.RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04

This is not the only stationary blender that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. The manufacturer positions this model as a semi-professional product.

The set includes a main unit with a motor with a power of more than 2 kW.

The jug is made of ordinary plastic and contains a knife with four blades. It is made of stainless steel, self-sharpening.

There is also a rod mixer, a silicone spatula, a plastic bag for collecting nut milk.

There is also a rod mixer, a silicone spatula, a plastic bag for collecting nut milk. The knife is removed using a special key, which is also supplied in the kit

The body of the motor unit is made of plastic with rubber inserts, all internal parts are made of metal. Quite heavy – it weighs about 4.5 kg, but it is stationary, so this moment will not affect the ease of use. It has multiple rubber feet to prevent slipping even when running at full speed.

The control panel is located on the front of the structure. At the top of the product there is a jug support made of elastic rubber that can be easily removed and washed. The highest rotation speed of the knife can reach 50 thousand revolutions per minute, which makes it easy to mix and grind any products.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Very high power
  • Quite high cost, which is quite natural for semi-professional devices.

8.Wollmer G522 Katana

A submersible product, the blender is characterized by an optimal set, and a set of attachments will be enough for both a young housewife who is just beginning to comprehend the basics of culinary art and an experienced professional chef.

The speed is adjusted smoothly, with a light touch.The blades are very sharp, practically do not dull, so they will delight you for a very long time.

The blender is equipped with a turbo mode, thanks to which the mass will acquire perfect plasticity and excellent airiness.

The power is very high, so the blade of the knives will rotate very quickly.

 The immersion head is equipped with a four-blade knife, it is made of titanium and will retain its original qualities throughout its entire service life. The material is not afraid of corrosion, jags do not appear on it, the knife itself does not deform.

  • Long period of operation
  • Very sharp knives
  • Excellent build quality
  • The price is above the average for the segment.

9.Blender Silanga BL550

A truly indispensable assistant in the making smoothies with frozen fruit, thanks to which you can prepare delicious and healthy dishes such as fruit purees or smoothies.

The products are compact in size, which allows them to be used even in conditions of limited free space.

The base case is made of high-quality plastic with a glossy finish.

During its entire service life, it will retain its original appearance, while various contaminants will not be noticeable on it, and after use it is enough to wipe it with a soft dry cloth.

The set includes one convenient shaker for chopping fruits and vegetables, a drinking lid, a lid for storing finished products directly in the bowl. The knife block is made from self-sharpening elements. The material is medical grade stainless steel, which does not oxidize food.

  • Long service life
  • Acceptable cost
  • Excellent reliability
  • The length of the wire could have been made longer.

10.GARLYN V-1000

The main line of the blender rating is occupied by GARLYN V-1000.

Equipped with a high-power 1200 W motor and vacuum cooking technology, this appliance can effortlessly grind food of any hardness to the perfect consistency.

The multi-level chopper unit can handle both ice and nut chopping and chopping fibrous vegetables and greens.

The high rotation speed provides the result in less than 1 minute of chopping, even with the maximum filling of the thicket, the volume of which, by the way, will also delight users – 1.75 liters.

The most uniform consistency is achieved not only due to high-quality knives and correct design, but also due to vacuum technology. When using GARLYN V-1000, you can grind food without contact with oxygen, they will not oxidize, retain their nutritional value and vitamin composition, and will also be crushed to a homogeneous consistency that will not delaminate later.

  • High-power 1200 W moto
  • Engine overload protection system
  • Grinding products of any consistency
  • There is no travel bottle in the package.

Buying Guide


Thus, we considered 15 models of different classes so that each of the users could find the right device for their needs. If you could not find a suitable device among the presented list of equipment, we suggest figuring out how to choose a blender for your home, what you should pay attention to so as not to regret buying:

  1. Blender Type – Submersible models are manual and are designed for basic tasks including chopping, mixing and whipping products. Stationary counterparts weigh more, but do not require effort. Such devices are equipped with a large number of attachments, therefore, they have a wider scope of application. Combination models are stationary blender equipped with additional functions. That is, this device allows you to replace other making smoothies with frozen fruit appliances;
  2. Power – here you need to build on what functions the device should perform. It should be borne in mind that 500 watts are enough for immersion blender. For stationary from 600 to 1200 W. The most powerful models support ice splitting, chopping of solid foods, including carrots, etc. The power of the combined models can be up to 2000 W;
  3. Operating modes – here it is necessary to proceed from the scope of application, the number of nozzles and the power of the device. The number of speeds can vary from 1 to 30. Here it should be borne in mind that at low speeds any blender copes better with hard and viscous ingredients if you want to make delicate mayonnaise or pate. Turbo mode is better for coarse crushing, ice picking. An important advantage in this case is the support for the pulse mode;
  4. Materials – Handles and body can be made of plastic or metal. The first option is less durable, but provides for easier care, since it is more difficult to leave fingerprints;
  5. Nozzles – the final cost of a particular blender largely depends on this parameter. As already mentioned, submersible models have fewer accessories than stationary ones, and even more so combined ones. Consider the most popular and useful attachments:
  • The blender attachment is a basic accessory for chopping and mixing food. Included in the complete set of any model;
  • whisk – used to grind ingredients in a bowl;
  • chopping bowl – an accessory for stationary blender, equipped with multiple blades for cooking minced meat. It can have one or more universal knives, a disc for cutting soft foods, etc. The volume of the bowl can vary from 0.35 to 3 liters for domestic use;
  • a vacuum pump – an element of combined blender that allows you to pump out air, so food can be stored longer;
  • highly specialized attachments – for mashed potatoes, smoothies, pasta. Not all of these accessories are effective in practice. Be careful.


Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the little things that often go unnoticed. If you do not know which blender to buy, decide in advance where the appliance will stand, taking into account the size of the selected type of equipment. It is important that the electrical cable is long enough for easy operation – optimally from 1.5 meters. In some cases, it is rational to choose a model with a battery capacity.


The following are our picks for the affordable blender for making smoothies with frozen fruit, but since we are dealing with a long list of blender, there are too many options for it to be possible to choose the one that stands out from every category.The goal of this guide is to provide you with the information you need to decide on the best cheap blender for making smoothies with frozen fruit based on your making smoothies with frozen fruit needs, as well as a wide selection of them.


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